Maya Karkalicheva

Mountain photographer Born in Plovdiv, based in Bansko, Bulgaria - 41 Age letter

While we sleep she is there - in the mountain, waiting for the day to wake up and the first sun beams to color the sky in golden, gentle pink and violet blue. In all seasons - spring, summer, autumn, winter - no matter the weather, filled with enthusiasm and passion she is following beauty. For Maya the mountain is not a way to escape, but rather a way to gain freedom for her seeking soul.

The sense of space and happiness in her work is physically tangible, pictures of faces and places, touching your heart - mountain massifs covered in snow, peaks in clouds looking like floating islands, spring forest in endless shades of green, the cosmic scenery of the Milky Way, nights with moon and stars, emerald lakes and blooming purple crocuses, sparkling eyes of people singing and dancing on a peak been in love with the mountain . Scenes worth a thousand words, moments of excitement, contemplation and meekness towards the Great Mother Nature.

Then, with full soul and camera she comes back in the city to share her experience. Her joy is spreading and motivating people to leave their comfort zone, grab their backpacks and go for new horizons.

Written by: Vesela Furnadjieva

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